Building Renovation

Renovation can be extensive and time consuming project. However, the Padmini decor team is committed to extensively planning any work prior to entering the build phase to ensure that expectations, budgets and timescales are achieved. Our team will ensure that ,the building renovation, refurbishment and restorative project is finished to your exact requirements.


Building waterproofing is a process designed to prevent water from penetrating a building. We help people to do waterproofing of terrace, bathroom, basement, crack treatment, swimming pool waterproofing etc. We provide all kinds of technological solutions which is currently available in the global market.


Good interior design adds new dimension to a space. Thoughtful and well-crafted design makes a space easier to understand and experiencing such a space, lifts the spirit too. It is therefore, not just about the aesthetic; it is a practical and philosophical discipline. We provide design and execution of modular kitchen, wardrobe, false ceiling, and many more.


Every landscape design project begins with a site analysis to see what you have to work with. Key elements affecting your design, like existing structures and plants, views and water issues. In Padmini Decor ,we provide design and execution of hardscape and softscape with required irrigation system.

Thermal Imaging

“Thermography” refers method of analysing heat or thermo coming out of a body. Infrared thermography services are provided by using Infrared thermal imaging cameras. The thermal imaging camera has a special lens which detects infrared light (heat) emitted by all objects.Padmini decor is pioneer in thermal imaging services in India.

Water Management

Water is an essential resource for all life on the planet. Water resource management is the activity of planning, developing, distributing and managing the optimum use of water resources. Water metering is the practice of measuring water use. Water meters measure the volume of water used by residential and commercial building units that are supplied with water by a water supply system.

Construction, Architecture and PMC

Our team will cater to any need that arises and do rise to the occasion. We are equally good with our knowledge of various chemicals. The mix and match of materials for better solution. We also do,
  • Solar Station installation
  • Glass and related works
  • Electrical / Plumbing / Painting
  • Aluminium / Steel Fabrication
  • Civil Masonry Work and much more...

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