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Building Renovation

Team Padmini decor is committed to extensively planning any work prior to entering the build phase to ensure that expectations, budgets and timescales are achieved. We do painting, renovation of bathrooms and kitchen, plumbing works, electrical works ,glass, steel and other fabrication works too.


Building waterproofing is a process designed to prevent water from penetrating a building. We help people to do waterproofing of terrace, bathroom, basement, crack treatment, swimming pool waterproofing etc. We provide all kinds of technological solutions which is currently available in the global market.


Good interior design adds new dimension to a space. It is therefore, not just about the aesthetic; it is a practical and philosophical discipline. We provide design and execution of modular kitchen, wardrobe, TV units, false ceiling, curtain window blinds, Glass works and many more…

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Quality being the core of our business, we monitor both our customers' as well as our suppliers' impact on the environment. Our close relationship with leading manufacturers gives us access to the latest technical information that allows project-specific design.

Every engagement with Padmini Decors promises real difference to cost efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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