Water Proofing


Your home/building is the most precious investment and one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make. Protecting it against water and moisture is the best measure. What better way to start your project with one of the best professionally installed waterproofing experts you can identify today? Padmini Decor is a pioneer in waterproofing contracts. It has been estimated that over 80% of all claims and litigations made by builders pertain to water intrusion and dampness resulting in an unhealthy living environment. Proper waterproofing giving attention to details during the construction process can reduce or eliminate most sources of moisture infiltration. Structurally speaking, Waterproofing is a building envelope built by using a combination of materials that you infuse with your structure to prevent water from intruding into the buildings’ interior spaces.

How we do it?

We work on design considerations and some basic steps to identify and rectify the problem. There are basically three major waterproofing systems.

» Barrier Type Waterproofing :

Complete blocks of water in expected conditions like external, sandwiched or internal by tanking.

» Drainage type Waterproofing :

Absorption of water gets collected and again resurfaces before leaking into the structure.

» Diversion type Waterproofing :

Cavity drain membranes divert water to somewhere else before getting absorbed into the structure.

What services do we provide in regard to waterproofing?

Padmini Décor is one of the leading waterproofing and décor service providers in Bangalore on testing and assessment of building membrane systems and provide services in the following segments of waterproofing.

Roof and Balcony waterproofing
Any area underneath the balcony suffers from perennial water ingression damage. Terraces are created above living spaces, be it a flat roof above the kitchen, living or bedroom area or the rooftop of an apartment. The structure therefore needs waterproofing, as these areas are susceptible to rain water.
Tank water proofing
The overhead tanks often tend to be a major source of water leakages all along the ceiling. A deep penetrating sealer is effective to waterproof the concrete water tanks thereby avoiding seepage.
Swimming pools and Fountains
Ceramic tiles which are usually used in both fountains and pools are exposed to humidity and the joints are more vulnerable to water leaks and hence require attention so as to avoid damages to the structure.
Crack treatments
Cracks inside and outside the walls occurring due to myriad reasons can be a source of water ingression into the building. The ingression causes fungal formation causing staining and discoloration.
Expansion joints
Water leakage can also happen due to failure of concealed pipelines and joint expansion. Leaks of this kind can be recognized as it shows up even in peak summer. A pressure testing can be carried out to find whether the concealed pipelines and joints are sealed properly.
Toilet water seepages can build up fungus on the roof below, and cause paint to flake. The reason can be from simple tile joint leaks to breakage in pipe lines. We use thermography equipment for scanning the sunken slab to identify the exact leakage spot avoiding unnecessary damage to the slab.
Planter boxes
Planter boxes are a usual outside houses, on patios, and other landscape areas. Moisture and soil take a toll on wooden planters. It can be prevented by water proofing them by applying a sealant preventing moisture penetration.

Water Proofing

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