Rainwater Harvesting


Rain water is the purest form of water resource available to us and delivered to the roof free of cost. We can collect, store and utilize this water for our daily water use. Use of an appropriate rainwater harvesting technique can help in decreasing our dependency on the water supply board and underground water to a major extent. We, at padmini decor, do a proper site audit and suggest the best type of harvesting for your home or office. We do all methods of rainwater harvesting like water storage, borewell recharge, dugwell method and suggest the method based on site conditions. A system of rainwater harvesting can supply untreated water to toilets, for external use and if treated with water filters, can also be used for laundry purpose.

What we do?

We work on improving or setting up the process of rainwater harvesting. We help in designing groundwater recharge structures. We also help in testing water and planning schematic sketching for both residential and commercial spaces.

Water harvesting
The urban scenario of struggle for supplying water seems never-ending. The insufficient utility of rainwater further drives in wastage of potable water. In the wake of such a supply management chain, it is now compulsory for homes, apartments, and commercial buildings to have rainwater harvesting done. We work on conceptualization, design, estimation and execution of turnkey works relating to rainwater harvesting. We offer operation and maintenance services across industrial and municipal sectors. We have professionals and experts in the area of rainwater harvesting. We provide proper diagnosis of existing rainwater systems within a minimum timeframe.
Water recharging
Water recharging involves regular examination, servicing, cleaning and component replacement. Rates of groundwater recharging or deep percolation are difficult to quantify as other processes like evaporation and percolation must be estimated and has to determine the balance. We work on physical methods to estimate recharge, and also to measure the volume of water passing through the root zone. We also use chemical and numerical methods to ensure water table is restored.
Water testing
We offer comprehensive testing and sampling service from swimming pools to cooling towers, wells and spas. Testing services are available for both commercial and domestic users covering the following testing services.

  • • Bore well water testing
  • • Testing for compliance with drinking water
  • • Spring, sewer and drinking water leak testing
Planning and Schematic sketching
Planning and schematic sketching is an essential part of the process of rainwater harvesting as it involves adjusting equipment required for rain harvesting.

Water Proofing

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