Persistant plumbing problems can be annoying. We understand this better than anyone. Padmini Decor has been providing quality, reliable plumbing service throughout Bangalore metropolitan area. A team of highly efficient technicians assist you with all kinds of services ranging from water line laying and replacement, duct line replacement, sanitary piping and setting all fixtures.

How do we do it?

We work on design considerations and some basic steps to identify and rectify the problem. There are basically three major waterproofing systems.

We at Padmini Decor pay attention to plumbing problems that residential, commercial and Industrial customers might face. Delays can have a greater impact on businesses, as the delay can be disruptive, so we plan and see to it that we resolve the problem at the earliest. That is why; we rank among the best plumbing service providers in Bangalore.

Padmini Decor provides the following plumbing services;

Waterline laying and replacement
We design and install new water line mains and services. Regular replacement of old pipelines is required to maintain a good supply of water and lessen the likelihood of damages caused. A pressure test, chlorination test and certification can be supplied before the mains is assigned to us.
Sanitary piping
Sanitary is an important part of both residences and commercial space. Sanitary Piping comprises a lot of valves and electro-polished pipefittings. We choose pipefittings from manufacturers who have a grip over better quality control and also of full assertion of reliable performance.
All other fixture fitting services
Some of the most common fixtures that we do are;

» Faucet installations in kitchens and bathrooms

» New Showerhead installation

» New bathroom faucets

» Utility sinks etc

Water Proofing

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