Modular kitchen
A perfect modular kitchen is one which is functionally useful and elevates the mood to cook. We design and provide modular kitchens to suits your budget, lifestyle and space. We custom design your modular kitchen to suit your home and recommend the best functional kitchen for your budget.
Ward robes
We design appealing and functionally good wardrobes for your home/office. We have engaged ourselves in providing domestic & international standard designs and textured finishing for residential, corporates and commercial properties.
Partition walls
Partition walls are used for the purpose of dividing a room or create a temporary wall divider. They can also help in reducing the noise to a certain extent. They are light in weight and does not impact the flooring. We work on POP partitions, Glass partitions and Gypsum Board partitions.
False ceilings
Also known as Drop Ceilings, they are hung from the main roof and create a impression of actual ceilings. The space between the main roof and false ceilings are utilized for lighting fixtures, A/c Ducts, fire detectors. We undertake all kinds of false ceiling works to give your home/office the much need looks and functionality.
Glass works
We undertake Glass decor works like Glass etching, Glass Door with toughened glass, Window panel glass works and much more..
Work stations
We provide ergonomically design work stations to keep your workforce up and running all the time comfortably.

Water Proofing

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