Electricity is the nervous system of any home/office. Any malfunction / breakdown in the electric circuits can prove disastrous and bring mental agony for the owners.

At padmini decor, we provide professional electrical work to keep your home/office safe from short circuits, minimize power breakdowns and reduce unwanted power leakages in your buildings. We follow the IS standard protocols and never compromise on the quality of electrical wires and equipments.

Our Electrical Service Offerings:

Switchboards and load distribution
We are specialists in calculating the power load requirements for your buildings and work the load distribution accordingly. We install electrical circuit breakers like MCB, ELCB to keep your family member safe in case of current leakages and grounding. We also install all types of switches right from modular switch systems, semi modular switch systems to central automated power controls like motion detectors, dimmers, audio/video consoles.
Wire ducts lying
We only use high quality wire and conduits to keep your home safe from high voltages and almost minimize to zero on the probability of short circuits
Electrical fixtures
We can fix any type of fixtures for your home/office. Be it simple water heater to a big chandelier installation.

Water Proofing

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